Why RIB?

RIB, a pontoon motorboat with a rigid bottom, at sea it behaves just like an off-road car on land. Marinas of Gdynia, Gdansk and Sopot are full of such boats. RIBs are used in border guards, army, maritime rescue, and of course in companies like ours for example as an attraction during a corporate team-building event. RIB motorboating ensures unforgettable excitement and adrenaline rush.

More about motorboats

We use RIB motorboats from Ribcraft, Parker and Bombard. RIB motor boats are characterized by great power, guaranteeing fantastic fun on water. Here you will find a lot of information and ideas on spending time on the water and our possibilities related to motorboat sport:

  • cruises along the Gulf of Gdańsk, cruises along the Gulf of Puck,
  • Tri-City sightseeing from water taxi,
  • blown platforms towed behind motorboats,
  • water skiing, weakboard, flyboard,
  • watertaxi Gdynia, Gdansk, Sopot - Hel Peninsula (Jurata, Jastarnia, Hel),
  • water security services,
  • sea rescue shows,
  • motorboat rental | Boat charter.

So if you are planning your stay in Tri-City and you are wondering how to spend your time, renting a motorboat in Sopot and cruise to Gdynia or Gdansk is an ideal proposition. The possibilities of boat cruises are endless. Depending on the time you want to spend on RIB we can plan what you can see and where you can go..

Visit https://wycieczki.riby.pl and see places that you can admire from water during unforgettable RIB ride. The minimum time to rent a motorboat is an hour and that includes the time to get to Sopot or Gdansk (if that is your place of pickup).

Rent a RIB motorboat in Sopot, Gdynia or Gdansk and plan a cruise on the Gdansk Bay!

During summer Gdynia, Gdansk and Sopot and the beaches of the Hel Peninsula are full of potential customers. Great idea for unforgettable corporate team-building events are regattas. We can ensure their organization and security at the highest level.

We also recommend advertising on floating billboards towed behind RIB.


Because Watertaxi is not everything!


We provide water taxi services from Gdynia, Sopot, Gdańsk to Hel Peninsula from Gdańsk Bay (Chałupy, Jastarnia, Juarata, Hel) using RIB motorboats.


Searescue shows

After the recent events, we don’t have to explain how important is the knowledge about behavior and survival at sea.

More about the shows


Seeing Tri-City from water is an unusual perspective and a huge part of the post-war history of Poland. It is worth to see this part of Poland and to feel adrenaline rush.

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for companies

Corporate Regatta is a proposition for those who want to feel the power of the wind and organize a party with great marketing power.

More about regatta


You do not have to step into the water to spend fantastic time on the beach. Take a look at our beach party proposal.

Check how fun it is!


If you are looking for ideas to party on water, look no further. Great power equipment, excitement, wonderful experiences and memories. Brilliant idea for spring-summer time!

See what you can do on water


If you want get the attention of the people relaxing on the beach and promote your product or service, be sure to rent our floating billboards

Advertising on water


Winter time on Polish sea is something unimaginable. And in Scandinavia on the other hand it’s nothing strange.

Winter adrenaline

by night

See the illuminated Tri-City by night from the water side and feel the magical atmosphere of the city. Alone at sea, away from crowds and noise. Complete silence - only the sound of waves, smell of the sea and the brilliant night view of Gdynia, Sopot and Gdansk.

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Marina Gdynia - here we are stationed in high season: