Regatta for businesses

Regatta for businesses is a great form of event for the customers (promotion of the company, the product or the whole industry) as well as employees of the company. Struggling with the element, the need for teamwork and the adrenaline rushed by the competition with other crews make our regattas an unforgettable experience in the future, resulting in great contacts between the participants.

We have prepared two proposals for the regatta:


Organized on smaller units of type Delphia24 or Lazer Bahia. The starting point is the hotel. Regattas typically take half a day from breakfast to dinner. After dinner, customers are invited on a speedboat and in the evening - for a fun-filled party with a shanty band.


  •  be completely independent sleeping and eating aboard yachts,
  •  sleep on yachts and dine in selected restaurants
  • or yachting, sleep and eat in hotels.
In summary: regattas we can prepare in principle in any variant.