Motorboat tours and motorboat cruises on film

Thanks to the courtesy of our friends and clients, and our amateur production - we got a nice gallery of films, which we would like to share with you.

Pictures depict the period of our activity. In individual shots you can see our current RIB motorboats and motorboats of our partners - with whom we cooperate with larger groups interested in trips to the Tri-City.

We all see differently and experience differently cruising with RIB. Otherwise they memorize them and show them differently. And it's brilliant because every movie is different. Hence we are very happy to collect and present what you send us.

We guarantee that watching Gdansk, Gdynia or Sopot while sitting in front of the computer or peeking at the phone is not the same thing as visiting our boat.

Besides what you can see and what you can hear from us, you can also feel a large injection of adrenaline. As you can see on some films on the Gulf of Gdańsk there are waves, and thanks to them the usual boat ride takes the "adrenaline" blushes. And as the waves are not there, you can always find a second motorboat on the water. This leaves behind a wake: a trace on the water, which (if the motorboat is sufficiently fast and sufficiently large) allows jumps similar to jumping on natural waves.

If you are feeling inadequate and looking for more videos or photos then you are welcome to join us on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. You will find the links in the bottom right hand corner of our site.

Gortat Team na pokładzie RIBY.PL

Tak jak już pisaliśmy, za sprawą Burmistrza Rumi gościliśmy na pokładzie ekipę GORTAT TEAM, która organizowała Gortat Cump 2016 właśnie w Rumi.A nasz wspólny rejs wyglądał tak:

Opublikowany przez / Vision & Team na 28 czerwca 2016
Rejs motorówką RIB z Gdańska do Gdyni

Film produkcji Kasia Okońska wspominający naszą podróż z Gdańska do Gdyni przy całkiem sympatycznej falce.

Opublikowany przez / Vision & Team na 11 czerwca 2016