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Floating billboards


This is a novelty on the Polish market, which has won its supporters around the world for several years now. This form of advertising was used by: McDonald's, Nike, Honda, Cadbury, Heineken, AT & T, American Airlines.


Our floating billboards will appear where no one else had the opportunity to advertise their brands or products.

Thanks to us, you can reach people on beaches, boulevards or piers. Thanks to the innovative idea, we guarantee that your advertising will attract potential customers.

We also offer the possibility of effective branding of regattas, or other actions on water.


Billboard is built of blown up modules. The single module is 4 meters high and 3 meters wide. Modules can be combined, so we can get a billboard of the size:
  • 1 module 4 meters x 3 meters
  • 2 modules 4 meter x 6 meter modules
  • 3 modules 4 meters x 9 meters
With special hooks on the billboard, we install client’s banners made of MESH with a solvent print. The banner can be mounted on both sides of the billboard.


At special customer's request, billboard can be extended. Just imagine a billboard with 4 meters high graphic and let’s say… 18 meters wide (6 cubes), towed by a motorboat along the beachside!


The offer covers the entire Polish coastline, major rivers and large lakes without a zone of silence.