Why RIB?

Motorówki RIB jako WatertaxiRIB is an acronym for Rigid Inflatable Boat and it means a pontoon boat with a rigid bottom. These type of boats are characterized by great power. Their behavior on the waves makes everyone on the board feel safe while experiencing extreme emotions. By equating motorboats to off-road cars, one can safely say that RIBs are marine off-road cars.

In each of the marinas – Gdynia, Sopot, or Gdańsk – we can find at least a few RIBs. They are used in maritime rescue, in the army by such services as Grom or Formosa and by private individuals.

If you have ever had a chance to take part in a short adrenaline ride on the bay or the sea, you almost certainlywere on board of the RIB. They can also be seen during the race, where coaches and crews are on board.

There are many models of such motorboats. They vary in length and width of the hull, type of engine (outboard or stationary) and deck development. Of course, the bigger the motorboat, the greater its power and ability to swim in worse weather conditions.

Unfortunately, motorboating is not a cheap sport. To purchase a medium size motorboat, that is 6-7 meters long with a single engine, you should have about 180-200 thousand zlotys.

Obviously to have the opportunity to swim a RIB, you do not have to buy it right away. We invite you to Marina in Gdynia, Gdansk or Sopot where you can find our motorboats to rent and use as the watertaxi service.. Motorboating also has the advantage over yachts – no seasickness. When a motorboat flows at maximum speed, the dynamics are so big that it does not feel like rocking, which causes seasickness!

Business clients are invited to organize corporate events in Gdynia, Sopot, Gdansk or the Hel Peninsula, where we can use RIB motorboats. We guarantee fantastic experiences.