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Sea rescue shows

Since water covers almost 80% of the surface of the earth, it is good to know how to cope, if we find ourselves in trouble at sea

During the sea rescue demonstrations, participants will learn about the rescue equipment that is available on watercrafts, the rules for using it, the rules for dealing with emergencies and how to properly behave on water.

Participants are dressed in special survival suits, which are not comfortable, but they increase the chances of survival in bad weather. They learn about the construction of a life raft and how to get to it from water and what to do when they are on a raft. If weather conditions allow, every daredevil wearing a rescue suit jumps from the breakwater to the sea.

The next stage is a rescue boat show, which shows of how to approach the survivors, lift them safely from water. The bravest participants are taught how to jump from a moving motorboat into the water.